What is it and how it works.

motiontimer is the first 3 axis motion control system for time-lapse photography that allows you to execute programmed movements with your camera with just a few clicks.

If you have a motiontimer you don´t need to know about electronics or assembly to use your slider. You only need to put your camera in the motiontimer and let your imagination do the rest to create amazing moving images sequences.

The motiontimer system also offers you other important features:

104,000 different positions for the 150cm rail. Close to 1.000.000 positions for panoramic movements. Swiss precision in your hands when it comes to moving your camera around.

With the “move-shoot-move” you can shoot with exposure times as long as needed because the three motors that move the camera are syncronized and they will automatically stop when you shoot each picture, stay still while the camera is capturing the image and then continue moving until the last shot.

Now you can capture moving sequences in low light environments by programming the motiontimer with the time you want your camera to remain still for each shot before executing the next programed movement.

vertical movement:
Use your motiontimer in any position: vertical, horizontal, diagonal…

It shoots as many photos as you want in each programmed position to create great High Dynamic Range sequences.

Program your system so it can execute different movements at key moments.

For instance imagine that you want your camera to rotate one way but subsequently you want it to move the opposite way or you want to reduce the interval from that moment one or even change the exposure time. You can do all of this and more.

A soft start and breaking movement. With just a simple command you can tell the motiontimer to execute the first and last shots in a progressive manner.

The motiontimer system is compatible with Canon Series XXX and XX and also with all Nikon cameras.

motiontimer is the perfect option to add movement to your timelapse films. The system has been developed and improved by Luis Caldevilla (an expert in this technique) and includes the rail, the carrying bag, the tripod, the control electronics, the computer, the battery… etc

A complete kit tested by a timelapser expert and, for inmediate use.